Keeping grounded

One of the things I love about fighting is that there’s always someone better. I came in after BJJ to do some take-down and MMA sparring with Ed, and Jaimie joined us. Jaimie is in a whole other league of good compared to the rest of us. From what I’ve seen his standing game is on par or better than mine, but where he rocks is clinching and groundwork. His tactical knowledge and technique makes him really good, and despite being quite a big guy with a lot of muscles he never seems to use them because his technique is just that good.

At the moment this is more or less me in a clinch:

My aim is to be here:

Getting there, slowly but surely. Having guys like Jaimie around keeps me inspired to do my best, never back down from a fight, and keep me grounded. I may be good, but there are guys out there far better than me. In time, I’ll get there.

And because I haven’t done one of these in a while. HBS Fitness test Push-ups:
51/45   —-   Sit-ups: 53/70   —-   Pull-ups: 5/14   —-   3k run: 15:12/12:00
A pass on all accounts apart from running! Getting there.

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